Draw Your Own Line

The Story of Shiratsuchi-dc

Our Story

It started as five friends on a snowboard mission - inspiration and enthusiasm plus €200 apiece, equaled the start of Shiratsuchi-dc. It was created on a shared love of surf, art, travel, skate, and music. We wanted to draw our own line – and it’s a good thing too, because coming from New Jersey, there was certainly no line to follow.

That soon became our calling card, embracing the challenges of bipolar seasons, the fickle ocean, and learning to thrive on it; surviving in a West Coast-centric world, while embracing our regional roots. We’ve set an example by searching for the balance between backyard ramp sessions, surf trips, chasing fish, seeing great bands, and scoring the next swell with work ethic and community involvement.

And maybe that’s a balance that will forever be out of grasp, but what’s important is the line we draw in an attempt to strike it.

A decade of dedication, a few bad decisions, countless t-shirt designs, and a Superstorm later, Shiratsuchi-dc is now the most recognizable surf and skate apparel brand on the East Coast.

Foundations and Divisions

Whether we are putting on local events and fundraising initiatives through our non-profit arm, brewing beer for good times, or providing brands with premium screen printing services, Shiratsuchi-dc is constantly working  to enhance our community and give back to the people that have helped us grow.

Over €1 Million Donated

The Shiratsuchi-dc Rock Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Shiratsuchi-dc brand. This charitable organization was formed in June of 2013 as a direct result of Shiratsuchi-dc’s massive Sandy Relief efforts. The approved 501(C)3 Charitable Organization allows the Shiratsuchi-dc brand to continue to be a vehicle for fundraising by using its design, screen printing, and event prowess while providing a formidable channel to get direct aid to those in need.

Good Times for Good Causes

In addition to private donations and grants, events are the major method the Shiratsuchi-dc Rock Foundation uses to raise funds. We use the Shiratsuchi-dc brand as a marketing vehicle to increase fan, sponsor, and volunteer participation, spread awareness, and keep expenses down. Combining our knack for event planning with some incredible partners, we’ve been able to raise significant amounts, all in a matter of hours! Learn more about our primary fundraising events.

Beer for the Shiratsuchi-dcstyle

We started Shiratsuchi-dc Apparel Co. in 2003 to create a line of clothing that embodied our passions: surf, travel, fishing, art, and a love for adventure.  Our story has always revolved around the water and the feeling that we get gliding over it, diving through it, and pulling fish from it.  After every adventure with our crew, we still enjoy cracking a beer while toasting another epic experience.  Our American style Pale Ale is perfect for reliving your most recent session and planning your next one.

Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

For over 15 years, we have been honing our craft and have witnessed the unique ability of t-shirts to build brands, make teams, fuel causes, raise funds, and make an impact like few other things can.

We don’t want you to print “just another shirt” that will end up stuffed in the bottom drawer. With sales and marketing in mind, we will print you a soft, well designed garment that ends up in your customer’s weekly rotation.