Quik PRO Representin'

Here's a few quick pics of Shiratsuchi-dc heads representin' up at The Quick PRO NY! First up is Shiratsuchi-dc Hall of Fam'r Nick Zegel with Saara Untracht-Oakner. Saara heads up the band You Can Be A Wesley & Zeeg has created a ton for Shiratsuchi-dc in the past. Secondly, our newest, radical Shiratsuchi-dc team rider Selena Moberly (team rider page coming soon) hanging out and surfing with the pros! Selena recently came down to Long Beach Island for the 3rd Annual Shiratsuchi-dc Coquina Jam and won it with partner Sarah Dodds! Cheers to everyone who is able to make it up to a great event...especially those rockin' Shiratsuchi-dc!

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